When producing any type of artwork, the design phase is essential to the success of the project. Shown here are just a few examples of design work that has been executed for the realization of the original concept.
Pterodactyl - Character Design and Fabrication
Contracted by Florida Entech Corporation to design and fabricate a “cartoon-style” Pterodactyl prop for a trade show booth display.
Olympic Crossbow - Weapon design and fabrication
Contracted by Four Kids Productions to design and fabricate a working prop for the TV show “WMAC Masters”. Design concept provided in the form of a plastic toy product.
The Sleeping Beauty
Pop-up book model and full size Stage Set

Contracted by MWA Ltd., UK, to aid in the design and construction of folding sets for a giant pop-up book - stage. Final destination of product; Castle Stage at the Grand opening of the Disneyland Theme Park, Paris, France. Spring 1992

After being presented with a paper design concept of the proposed pop-up book, extensive design work was executed to reproduce the idea in a form that could be fabricated using traditional and high-tech materials. The model represents not only a 3-dimensional presentation but also a fully functional scale replica. Many of the mechanisms required to fold the sets and other mechanical special effects were produced accurately to scale on this model.

Design work on this project continued from the scale model to the full sized piece focusing primarily on the fabrication of the folding sets and construction management.

Giant Costume - Costume harness and mechanical animation design

Contracted by MWA Ltd., UK, to design and construct a supportive harness by which a performer could operate and carry the weight of the costume and animatronic mechanisms. As well as the sculpting and molding of the giant’s head, mechanisms were designed and constructed to enable the performer to manipulate the giant. Motions included a full range of head motions controlled by the performer’s head together with hand mechanisms to control eyelids , mouth and arms.

This giant puppet was the featured character for a theatre presentation of Jack and the Beanstalk which toured the UK around 1989.

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